Go To Sunday


We all have those “go to” items in our inventories. You know, when you spend hours trying to decide what to wear and in the end, you click on your latest go tos, because it’s easy and you know it looks good. For a long time my go tos were basically anything from Mon Tissu or Tres Blah, jeans, t shirts, cardigans etc. But this week it’s just become so easy to open my Maitreya folder and click a couple of items to create a fantastic look.

I know I already blogged about how I couldn’t get enough of Maitreya’s latest releases this week, but really, I can’t. So I just thought I’d reiterate it today!

There have been a lot of new hair releases this weekend, and I’ll get on to some of them tomorrow because if I’m honest, I’m feeling kinda lazy today and really loving this lighter brown hair on me which is from….Maitreya, ha!




Hair – Nimue – Maitreya

Top – Athena Sweater – Maitreya (Mesh)

Pants – Zipper Skinny Jeans – Maitreya (Mesh)

Shoes – Cadenza Wedge Sock – Leverocci (Mesh)

Earrings – Africa – Mandala

Tattoo – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs

Pose – Planet of Women – PDA


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