When The Wind Changes…


When the wind changes, everything changes and that’s just what has happened to me.

Two months ago I would never have imagined that my SL could change so dramatically and that I’d be enjoying it as much as I am. But it did, and I’m grateful.

So I’ve decided to make a fresh start. I’ve gone back to my old name of Coral, instead of Sunna which was mainly an RP name and I’m starting a new blog.

There is a chance that I’ll come back to this blog at some point, perhaps if my friend Cherry returns to SL. It was started as a collaborative blog and so maybe in the future we’ll come back to it together. But for now you can find me over at my new blog, Virtually Vanilla!

Thanks for reading so far and I hope you continue to visit me at my new little piece of the interwebz.




Hair – Georgina – Truth

Skin – Jen – League

Eyes – Mirror – Insufferable Dastard

Lashes – 06 Natural – Redgrave



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