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Free or almost free items!

Just For Fun


I know it’s Easter and I should probably be dressing as a bunny or something, but there were so many fabulous releases in the latest collaborative rounds that I wanted to put together a little outfit from some of the pieces I picked up from them instead.

So let’s start with the offerings from the latest Stumblebum round. That’s where I picked up this hair from Truth and the cute lacy top from Kyoot. The tutu is from the new Motif collaboration and is by Jack Spoon. I’m always a fan of tutus…I blame SJP for that, and this one comes in both pink and blue.

The boots are obviously from Gos but right now they are on sale for 398Ls @ Truth District, which I believe is for the Truth District group members only, so make sure you join!

Anyway, maybe I’ll do the bunny thing on Sunday. Or maybe not.

Happy Easter!




Hair – Helia – Truth for Stumblebum

Top – Lacey Little Top – Kyoot for Stumblebum

Skirt – Ferri Skirt – Jack Spoon @ Motif

Boots – Triumph Boots – Gos

Necklace – Miss Havisham’s Broken Heart – Yummy @ C88 but available in the Yummy store now.


TDR Blue Newness


So I’m pretty sure that anyone reading this will know what TDR stands for, if not it’s The Dressing Room. There is also The Dressing Room Blue and basically they’re small stores which sell discount items by a group of designers and update the items fortnightly.

I picked up this cute little dress at the latest TDR Blue round, it’s from Baiastice and it’s mesh…and yes yes I know I said I didn’t buy much mesh at the moment, but it would’ve been a complete crime to pass over this dress when it only costs 70Ls!

Anyway, off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!




Hair – Abbey – [elikatera]

Dress – Gygi – Baiastice @ TDR Blue

Necklace – Vintage Heart Necklace (part of Vintage Jewellery Set) – League

Feet – Bare Flat Feet and Anklets – Maitreya

McPhee Dress @ coldLogic


I love mesh. Love, love, love it. However after my initial splurges on mesh clothing when places like Celoe and Maitreya started putting some quality stuff out, I began to get put off buying it. Not because I didn’t love a lot of the pieces, but because I really don’t like the way my avie looks when I have to slim her down. I guess I’ve always had a slightly bigger than average avie but it became very apparent when mesh was introduced. With the standard sizing (which is a great idea) the large was too big for me and the medium was too small, but the clothing looks much better in the smaller sizes, so I slimmed down and saved a shape for when I’m wearing mesh so I can quickly fit into the medium standard size. The only problem was that I always felt like my arms and legs looked like they were about to snap off. So I became more and more reluctant to buy a lot of the mesh that was coming out and instead buy the occasional piece and just look forward to the time that it finally becomes editable.

This latest McPhee dress from coldLogic is exactly one of those items that I couldn’t resist. The texturing, shading and shaping is great and it covers my arms so I don’t have to  look at myself and panic that I’m about to break. It’s perfect for the feminine, vintage style I love and just a great buy. I’ve paired it with the new Prism Pumps from Ison @ C88. These were another great item from the C88 team and are still available for a bargain 88Ls.

Looking forward to more releases from coldLogic!




Hair – Kumi Mesh Hair – Wasabi Pills

Dress – Mcphee – coldLogic

Shoes – Color Block Prism Pumps – Ison @ C88

Necklace – Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace (part of Vintage Jewellery Set) – League



Well there was so much new gorgeous newness at C88 this week that I was quite beside myself with what to pick to blog about! In the end I decided to go for a more casual look but I’m sure some of the other fantastic items will pop up over the next few days.

I simply cannot get enough of the necklaces from Yummy, and this new one at C88 is no different. I just wish they’d make some bracelets/bangles to match. I don’t know about anybody else but I have a really tough time finding bracelets and bangles that I like, which is probably why I don’t wear them very often.

I love the wedges from Kyoot this week as well, you can bet that I bought them in almost every colour!

And now it’s time to pay a visit to TDR….yippeee!




Hair – Bea – Truth

Shirt – Lea – paper.doll

Shorts – C88 Board Shorts – Tres Blah @ C88

Necklace – Agate Slice Necklace – Yummy @ C88

Shoes  – Platform Wedges – Kyoot @ C88

Tattoo – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs

Bad Night


Even though this is only a baby blog right now, you can probably tell from the last couple of posts that I’m not the kinda girl who would usually rock the tattoo and piercing look. But some days I just feel like wearing something different, and this was one of them.

The dress I’m wearing is Kyoot for C88. I could’ve easily paired it with some black pumps for a more classic look, it’s a fab LBD and definitely a staple for anyone’s wardrobe, especially at C88 prices!





Dress – Bronte Dress- Kyoot @ C88

Stockings – Stockings 02:Torn Nylon Black – Sheer

Boots – Flat Ankle Boots – COCO (Free group gift!!!)

Hair – Pandora – Truth

Lipstick – L.Fauna 2.0 Lipstick [Red 2] – L.Fauna

Mascara tears and redness – I’m not feeling very well – Izzie’s

Tattoo – Cherry Blossoms V.2 – Aitui

Piercings – Abbey Piercing – [Mad Echo]

Lingerie Day


I picked up this gorgeous little lingerie set by Fishy Strawberry from The Dressing Room. I typically love anything feminine with a vintage edge,  so this number was right up my street.

You can see on the picture on the right that there is a slight seaming issue on one side, but it’s small and the rest of the outfit is so great that it doesn’t bother me in the least. Especially for 69Ls, bargain!

The necklaces are part of a set from League, that comes with another necklace and  a matching pair of earrings, again very feminine and vintage…see a pattern forming?

I have to mention the lipstick that I’m wearing in this picture too, because this was another absolute bargain I love. It’s by Launa Fauna and is the first lipstick tattoo I found that actually -fitted- my skin. I wear the Sia skin by League usually, and I find that a lot of the tattoo lipsticks out there don’t quite match up and I usually have parts of the lips from the skin showing at the sides, but this one fits perfectly. She has a bunch of colours for only 25Ls or packs of 3 for 60Ls. Find her on the marketplace here.

Almost the weekend!




Lingerie Set – Desiderio – Fishy Strawberry @ The Dressing Room

Necklaces – Vintage Jewellery Set – League

Hair – Pandora – Truth

Lipstick – L.Fauna Lipstick 2.0 [Red 2] – L. Fauna

Blush – Everyday Blush – cheLLe

Tattoo Eye Liner and Lashes – Love my Eyes Liner and Mascara – *BOOM*