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Jen…It’s Love.


Ok, I know this skin came out a couple of days ago so I’m a little behind writing it up but the main reason for that is because I’ve just been too busy staring at myself since it was released.

I have worn the League Sia skin for longer than I care to remember. I know there are plenty of other well made skins out on the grid, but none of them ever felt right for me on Sunna. I’ve always been really fussy about the body on her too, I never wanted her to have one of those skins with a muscular stomach, I much prefer the softer, natural look.

So there I was…for goodness knows how many months, trying new skins on, rejecting them for Sunna but maybe picking them up for an alt I’ll never play but that I had to get it because I did want that skin, just not on this avie. Then finallllly League released Jen and it’s official, it’s love. Worth the wait? Most definitely, but, please don’t make us wait that long again!

You can see I’ve taken a picture of the skin plain and then when I’ve added some make up layers. I guess this little bit here will be a mini rant of sorts, well ok, not a rant but if I could make everyone in SL do exactly what I wanted, it’d be this. I always buy the natural versions of skins and then add tattoo make up layers. I point blank refuse to buy several of the same skin just for different make up effects no matter how beautiful they are. I know they’re sold this way because they make more money, and that it takes a lot of time to create the skins so they deserve it, but in my perfect little world, skin designers would make a basic natural skin with make up layers as optional extras. That’s why we got tattoo layers in the first place right? I hope this doesn’t sound ungrateful because I’m really not. I do appreciate the time and effort it takes and am thankful that we have such talented designers in SL. The make up options available for Jen are beautiful and very well made and I would happily spend hundreds of Ls to buy them as seperate layers, but for me personally I just won’t buy them as different skins.

Anyway I got sidetracked a bit there, mini rant over. Point is, I LOVE the Jen skin. Oh and, this lingerie set is my favourite ever, ever, ever, so simple and cute!



Just to add these pictures are raw aside from some cropping and liquify on dodgy SL limbs, so everything you see is exactly how it would appear in world. (I used Closeup windlight for this).


Skin – Jen Natural- League

Lingerie – Soft Lingerie – Kyoot

Hair – Oops – Lelutka

Eyes – Mirror – Insufferable Dastard

Feet – Womens Natural Bare Feet (Rigged Mesh) – SLink

Make up layers and lashes added in 2 shots only:

Lashes – 06 Natural – Redgrave

Tattoo lashes – Eyelashes 01 – DGD

Eyeliner – Liquid Liner / AST – Lelutka

Blush – Everyday Blush 03 – Chelle