It won’t happen again, that’s what you said.


Feeling emo today, so excuse me for the lazy, simple little post! It’s midweek after all….roll on Friday.

I decided to wear my leggings from League after being in the new Maitreya mesh ones for a couple of days so I could appreciate my fuller shape again and paired them with the gorgeous, boho style, longline blouse from Mon Tissu.

The window prop in the picture is from Magnifique and has 6 great built in poses.




Hair – Adele – Lelutka

Top – Longline Blouse – Mon Tissu

Pants – Merino Leggings & Flats – League

Window Prop & Pose – In The Window – Magnifique


Sucker for Maitreya


I’ve commented before on my thoughts about mesh, how when it was released I fell between the large and medium size and hate having to slim down to fit into the medium  if the large just looks frumpy and it was only a few days ago I said, “that’s it, I’m absolutely not buying any more mesh unless I can fit into the large size or  it finally becomes editable.”

The very next day it felt like Maitreya called me out on my resolution when they released these mesh leggings…and yes, I went and bought X amount of pairs, despite the fact that I had to slim down again, despite the fact that the gap between my legs was a little too wide for my liking and despite the fact that it looks as though my ass has disappeared, because at the end of the day they do look fantastic and I’m a total sucker for Maitreya.




Hair – Uma – Maitreya

Scarf – Infinity Scarf – Mon Tissu

Top – Cropped Tank Top – Mon Tissu

Pants – Mesh Leggings – Maitreya

Bracelet – Dara Bracelet – Celoe

Earrings – Tukemon Mesh Earrings – Mandala @ TDR

Boots – Range Boots (Mesh) – Leverocci

Casual Saturday


I’ve been so slack the last week…mainly because I’ve been busy shopping and decorating the new house! So here’s a quick, casual look that I’ve been enjoying while I slaved away.

I’ve been loving Elikatira’s mesh hair lately, but in this pose there was a slight issue with part of the braid digging into me. I didn’t even notice it before because it doesn’t happen a lot. It’s not enough to put me off buying more, unlike with the Truth mesh hairs which has been a real shame.

Will endeavour to post more next week!




Hair – Over – Elikatira

Eyeshadow – 2.0 Tattoo Eye layer Star – Neko Yo/Mystique

Top – Watts – coldLogic

Pants – Classic Chinos Femme – Entente

Feet – Womens Natural Bare Feet (Rigged Mesh) SLink

Tattoo – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs

TDR Blue Newness


So I’m pretty sure that anyone reading this will know what TDR stands for, if not it’s The Dressing Room. There is also The Dressing Room Blue and basically they’re small stores which sell discount items by a group of designers and update the items fortnightly.

I picked up this cute little dress at the latest TDR Blue round, it’s from Baiastice and it’s mesh…and yes yes I know I said I didn’t buy much mesh at the moment, but it would’ve been a complete crime to pass over this dress when it only costs 70Ls!

Anyway, off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!




Hair – Abbey – [elikatera]

Dress – Gygi – Baiastice @ TDR Blue

Necklace – Vintage Heart Necklace (part of Vintage Jewellery Set) – League

Feet – Bare Flat Feet and Anklets – Maitreya

McPhee Dress @ coldLogic


I love mesh. Love, love, love it. However after my initial splurges on mesh clothing when places like Celoe and Maitreya started putting some quality stuff out, I began to get put off buying it. Not because I didn’t love a lot of the pieces, but because I really don’t like the way my avie looks when I have to slim her down. I guess I’ve always had a slightly bigger than average avie but it became very apparent when mesh was introduced. With the standard sizing (which is a great idea) the large was too big for me and the medium was too small, but the clothing looks much better in the smaller sizes, so I slimmed down and saved a shape for when I’m wearing mesh so I can quickly fit into the medium standard size. The only problem was that I always felt like my arms and legs looked like they were about to snap off. So I became more and more reluctant to buy a lot of the mesh that was coming out and instead buy the occasional piece and just look forward to the time that it finally becomes editable.

This latest McPhee dress from coldLogic is exactly one of those items that I couldn’t resist. The texturing, shading and shaping is great and it covers my arms so I don’t have to  look at myself and panic that I’m about to break. It’s perfect for the feminine, vintage style I love and just a great buy. I’ve paired it with the new Prism Pumps from Ison @ C88. These were another great item from the C88 team and are still available for a bargain 88Ls.

Looking forward to more releases from coldLogic!




Hair – Kumi Mesh Hair – Wasabi Pills

Dress – Mcphee – coldLogic

Shoes – Color Block Prism Pumps – Ison @ C88

Necklace – Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace (part of Vintage Jewellery Set) – League



Well there was so much new gorgeous newness at C88 this week that I was quite beside myself with what to pick to blog about! In the end I decided to go for a more casual look but I’m sure some of the other fantastic items will pop up over the next few days.

I simply cannot get enough of the necklaces from Yummy, and this new one at C88 is no different. I just wish they’d make some bracelets/bangles to match. I don’t know about anybody else but I have a really tough time finding bracelets and bangles that I like, which is probably why I don’t wear them very often.

I love the wedges from Kyoot this week as well, you can bet that I bought them in almost every colour!

And now it’s time to pay a visit to TDR….yippeee!




Hair – Bea – Truth

Shirt – Lea – paper.doll

Shorts – C88 Board Shorts – Tres Blah @ C88

Necklace – Agate Slice Necklace – Yummy @ C88

Shoes  – Platform Wedges – Kyoot @ C88

Tattoo – Butterfly Medley – Para Designs

Dress in Mesh



I’m a huge mesh fan. I’ve been checking the Marketplace and shops for new mesh ever since it came out!

I found this FAB new dress from LeeZu! some days back…it’s not full mesh, instead it has a rigged mesh attachment that works with a pants layer, much like a sculpted skirt piece would. Only this one moves with you and works with longer skirts too! How clever is that? It’s close to perfectly seamless and works great with natural movements and a load of poses. Did I mention the dress fits ALL sizes?!

These cute shoes are also mesh, they are from Ingenue and I found them from Collabor88 for only 88L$! What a bargain! The quality is amazing for the price, and they come in several different colors. The shoes came in the nice shopping bag I have in my hand, what a great prop for pictures.

Have a nice day!




Hair – Voshie – Analog Dog

Dress – Sophia Dress – LeeZu!

Shoes – Gatsby Heels – Ingenue